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Her soaps are the ONLY thing I use now for toddler, myself in shower and even for face. Read her FAQ’s and you’ll see how pure it is.
I don’t even use moisturizer after and a bar lasts forever due to no chemicals. Every time I shower, I try to remember to promote her.
Keep up the great work, Debbie!

– P. Gilmour

I splurged and had a daytime bath while my daughters napped today. The Lavender Bath Tea was sachet bliss, sigh, just decadent. You are onto something!
– T. Paris

I absolutely LOOOOVE the soap. Currently working on the grapefruit-mint one and it is so decadent. I feel like I am repairing my skin every time I wash with it (rather than destroying my skin β€” as is the case with some of our household soaps). πŸ˜€
β€” Meredith L.

I highly recommend the scrubs for the feet. The men in my life really enjoy them!
β€” L. Peck

My skin is super-delicate as well as mature so I have to be very careful with my soap. I love Sunflower Soaps β€” it’s gentle but still has great lather; it smells great but isn’t overwhelming. I was intrigued by the atypical scent combinations β€” they really work!
I’ve been disappointed by how quickly other handmade soap dissolves but these really stand up. Thanks Sunflower Soaps!
– Nathalie S.

The lavender soap is a mild soap and the scent is very subtle. I like washing with it because it leaves my skin feeling “normal” β€” no sticky, filmy sensation and no dry skin.
We switched to Sunflower Soaps about a year ago after using liquid soaps for a long time. We’re happy we switched!
β€” Lynn Brown

I love love love sunflower soaps!Β  They have beautiful fragrances but most importantly they leave my skin clean and well hydrated and soft. Β I recommend the whole series of soaps to all my family and friends.
β€” VΓ©ro

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